03/19/17 - One Week Until Explosion!

Slam is up! Just like every edition of Slam we've got a lot of twists and turns and we're headed right towards EXPLOSION!

The PPV card will be updated and finalized before the end of the night! How will the post Joey Flash era kick off!?

03/12/17 - SLAM!

I apologize for not one but two delays... but Slam is FINALLY up! It is an eventful show.

That said, we shouldn't have had to wait this extra day - I say it pretty often but I really need match writers to step up and be consistent. HUGE thanks to everyone that did get their matches in on time! I really appreciate it. I'd like to see some new writers try out matches still, they really can be fun and I don't want to scare anyone way from doing them.. just do them on time! Haha. Message me if you have any questions or want any tips.

Anyway, new Slam card is coming soon as well as an updated PPV card!

02/27/17 - Timebomb ... Still Ticking

Timebomb is up!... in rough draft form. Finalized coloring and all of that good stuff will come tomorrow, as well as our new card! We're on our way to Explosion now, so things are heating up, or... some other bomb or fire related pun!

02/20/17 - Slam!

Slam results are up! Great show, storyline wise, lots to check out. We're onto Timebomb!, I haven't started adding to the card yet but I know it'll have a lot of matches - we REALLY need match writers to step up for this one! If you've never written a match before, its fine, give it a try. It can be fun and a way to further your characters or help other people further theirs!

02/13/17 - Slam!

The Trilogy Cup Tournament has been booked. The card is subject to change of course but who knows what'll happen. We've got Slam in the books and it was a low key "oh shit, what a show!" kind of show. Good stuff and thanks to everyone for their hard work! Fun stuff all around, a lot to check out. One more show before Timebomb and that card will go up tomorrow night!

02/06/17 - Tick Tock

The road to Timebomb and the Trilogy Cup Tournament begins!

Slam is up! Thanks to everyone for all the work put in this week. Fun show!

The PPV card will be updated tomorrow night featuring the entire Trilogy Cup Tournament, and the Slam card will go up too!

01/30/17 - RISE UP!

What a fucking show. Amazing job to the roleplayers, the internet posters, and ESPECIALLY the match writers. One of the best PPVs to date - worth the wait! So thank you all, really. Great work. It was the first ever Rise Up and it has certainly set a standard as a huge show!

Slam card coming.... either tonight or tomorrow night at the latest! I'm going to make it a smaller show - not going to book everyone, some people could use a week off!

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