09/17/17 - Slam
Live from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Street Fight
Special Guest Referee: Corey Black
Jayson Price vs FPV

World Title Match
Mystery Opponent vs Steven Singh

Television Title Match
Teo del Sol vs John Rabid

Omega Championship Match
Sidney J. Warwick vs Mikey eXtreme

People's Title Match
Hell in a Cell Match
Bishop vs Gravedigger

Bonnie Blue vs Jay Omega

Hardcore Title Match
Andre Holmes vs Ethan King

Internet Title Match
William the Behemoth vs David Sanchez

Alpha Title Contendership Match
No Disqualification Match
Damian Simmons vs Matthew Drake

Omega Title Contendership Match
Kyle Kemp vs Trey Carter

Alpha Title Match
Battle Royal
Taylor Wright vs Rumpke vs Johnny Alpha vs Luke Force vs Jim Brantelli vs Udy

Agimat vs Red Dragon vs Bryan Devlin

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