Live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

World Title Match
FPV vs Jason O'Neal

Tag Team Championships on the Line
Ladder Match
Steven Singh vs The CAPTAIN

Corey Black Retirement Tour
Scarecrow vs Corey Black

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match
David Sanchez vs Vinnie Jones

Trilogy Cup Tournament Match
Jaymz vs Teddy Blaze vs Dionysus

Television Title Match
Sebastian Knight vs John Rabid

People's Title Match
Jared Holmes vs Kevin Bishop

Adrian Archer vs Mikey eXtreme vs Spencer Adams

Internet Title Match
Adam Young vs Ethan King vs Dag Riddik

Hardcore Title Match
Exploding Ring Battle Royal*
Wade Moor vs Amber Lynn vs Captain Rump vs Stalker vs Katherine Phoenix vs Joe Smarts vs Jaice Wilds vs Jay West vs Andre Holmes

Alpha Title Match
Trey Carter vs Vic Vegas vs Adam Bass

Udy vs Adam Burnett

Bishop/Priest vs The Very Big Alliance vs Erik Black/Crazy J

*It is over the top battle royal rules, but at the ten minute mark, the C4 rigged around the turnbuckles will explode. At that point the first person conscious who is able to get a pin will win.

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