There is no one that personifies greatness quite like Allan Guiliano. From the moment he stepped foot in WCF, everyone could see that he was destined for it. But Slickie T didn't jump straight to the top; he took his time, established himself, having quite a few great matches, especially against the likes of Mikami and Johnny Reb. Slickie won the War, and finally got his shot at the WCF World Title. In one of the most controversial decisions in WCF history, Slickie lost the One main event to Torture; however, he was later able to win the belt at Ten, a PPV decades in the making. He went on to have one of the most hotly contested feuds in WCF history against Chad Evans, and eventually retired at the very top of his game.


Bobby Cairo has been called the hardest working man in the industry, and that is not an exaggeration. Cairo's dedication to his craft is unmatched; he has held multiple Titles, and also mentored quite a few others. His feud with Lawnmower Jones will be remembered as one of the most entertaining feuds in WCF history. His backstage work has kept WCF alive when it would have otherwise died on several occasions, and there is no one more important to the company than Bobby Cairo has proven himself to be over the years.


Creeping Death has been a driving force in WCF for many years, including being responsible for its reopening behind the scenes on more than one occassion. He is a multiple time World Champion, created his own show, XIII, and won the WCF Classic 2007. He's had classic feuds with Reckless Jack, Torture, Hellz Angel, Logan, and more. In January of 2012 he was finally able to accomplish something he hadn't done in ten years; create an amazing moment at One, where he defeated Odin Balfore for the Title. One week later, he appeared on WCF's 200th edition of Slam with the belt, a moment no one will ever forget.


Simply put, without Danny Vice we just may not be here today. First, he helped establish WCF in one of its peak periods, with his Disorder by Design tag team and epic feuds with Skyler Striker. But his most notable contribution is the company known as GWC. GWC kept the WCF family together in between incarnations; without it, everyone might have gone their separate ways forever, and WCF may not have been able to ever return. GWC also lead to greats such as Johnny Reb and Doc Henry joining the company.


Trent Hunter. Dake Ken. X-Rated. All World Champions and great by themselves, but together, an unstoppable force. Trent Hunter main evented the very first One, against Neo, in a classic battle. Dake Ken and X-Rated formed the tag team DKX, which before the New Confederacy, was the gold standard for tag teams in WCF. Dake Ken would be the last of the Elite to make his mark, with epic matches against Johnny Reb and Torture.


Epic was the at the forefront of WCF becoming a global presence; the young man from Canada managed to win War and the WCF World Title after working his way up from the bottom.


Frank Bates is the man behind the Monster Squad, Creeper and Hacker, and the Dreadnoks, Burn Out, Road Rage, and Ripper. He managed his teams to Tag Team Titles glory, and for many years they were a force to be reckoned with in WCF.


Gravedigger and the Dark Side dominated WCF years ago, making Gravedigger one of the most intimidating World Champions of all time. Beyond that, he took control of WCF out of Seth Lerch's hands when WCF reopened in 2009 in one of the most intriguing stories in WCF history. Not only that, but he literally shut down the company!, only for Seth to reopen it from the ground up shortly thereafter. Gravedigger has proven to be one of WCF's most loyal commodities and is always a force to be reckoned with, even as other members of his generation disappear.


Hellz Angel, along with Outcast, represent the company that "gave birth" to WCF, NCW, more than anyone else. Hellz is a former World Champion and was essential to WCF's success in its earliest days.


Jack of Blades made a splash in WCF not quite like anyone else. He first stood out in his demented feud with Ellis and Josephine Miyazaki. He'd also go on to join the Team of Treachery with Logan, and then to feud with that same man. He definitely set the bar for insanity and mental illness in WCF, a theme that has gone on to become the calling card of many of our wrestlers... Jack of Blades set the bar.


There is no one more synonymous with WCF than Logan. Logan has been in WCF since the beginning, and did what he had to do to make it to the top. His catchphrases such as SHUT UP!, BOUDLE, and babygurl! stuck with fans and fellow wrestlers alike. He has always been WCF's monst controversial figure, by far, and has been fired for that very reason possibly more times than he's been World Champion. Logan has appeared to disappear and then come back, stronger than ever, more times than anyone could count. Whether he's the Face of Treachery or a fat hot dog loving slob or he's having multiple personality disorder, Logan is one of the most unpredictable and important wrestlers in WCF history.


Mace was the first man to win the WCF World Heavyweight Title and the first man to win what would become WCF's patented War match.


Madd Dogg created the most infamous match in WCF history, the Euthanasia Chamber, which is still talked about today. He lead the way for many of his contemporaries such as The Elite (Trent Hunter, Dake Ken, and X-Rated) and Slickie T to join WCF. He's also been involved in some of WCF's most violent feuds, and main evented One with PC Cradle.


Like Hellz Angel, Outcast represents NCW and where WCF came from. He stuck with WCF for years, won the World Title and had many great feuds.


PC Cradle was the first great wrestler that WCF produced on its own, and had WCF's first great feud with Defman. Besides being a phenomonal World Champion, Cradle got to main event One. He's truly one of WCF's greatest talents of all time.


Reckless Jack, aka Brad Kane, is someone else who got his start in WCF. He'd go on to have much success in other federations in addition to WCF, but got to hold the WCF World Title as well. He's had epic feuds with Creeping Death, Torture, and Logan, and is one of the few men that can say they've defeated those competitors.


Skyler Striker is possibly the greatest wrestler to come out of WCF's golden era in 2007. His feud with Danny Vice may be WCF's greatest feud of all time, and his surprise World Title victory over Jack of Blades is one of WCF's most memorable moments. He made it all the way through the first WCF Championship Series, which is a feat that hasn't been duplicated yet.


Steve Carr could be called the grandfather of WCF, and he's much more than that. Carr opened NCW, the first fed that Seth Lerch ever got involved in. After NCW closed, Seth opened WCF, mostly basing it around what he'd learned in NCW, and of course stealing many of NCW's basic concepts. Steve Carr proved himself to be a world class competitor, having won the World Title and being one of the most respected men to ever compete in the ring. He participated in one of the most entertaining feuds WCF has ever seen as the true mystery man behind Mikami.


An overrated piece of garbage. He was once in the Hall of Fame until it was discovered that Jason Price actually kicked his ass and beat him at One. It is thought that Torture retired out of shame and that every subsequent appearance was a fake Torture that Seth hired to pop buyrates. The real Torture committed suicide shortly after the Price loss, never to be seen again.